It’s been 13 days since I placed my order with Lime Crime makeup on their official site (rather than using an unofficial seller) and I still haven’t received my order. Pretty unprofessional </3 Any time I’ve ordered from a 3rd person retailer I’ve received it within four days…I want my velvetine and lipstick, weahh.

So I finally finished watching all episodes of Gossip Girl last night and now I’m just sickened with myself for spending approx. 80 hours of my life watching such a ridiculous show. At least now it’s done and I can’t use my pathetic addiction to it in order to facilitate my procrastination from studying!
In other news, I just finished reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and it is such a good book. I recommend it, for sure.
Today is beautiful, glorious, sunny day and I want to be outside sunbathing starting on a new book or something but I have to stay inside, in the dark, at my desk, trying to cram useless dates and names into my head for this History Geography exam I have coming up. Fuck my life.

I’ve finally accepted the fact that there is no point whatsoever in allowing myself to be paralysed with indecision and fear over what to study for this particularly tricky exam. I need to just accept that no matter what I study for it, it’s not going to be a waste of time and every minute I spend studying for it, even if it ends up not being what comes up in the exam, it’s still progress. Otherwise I will just end up not studying at all for it because I’m so confused about what to choose to study.

Fuck exams though, seriously.

Cathouse after the Brand New gig a couple days ago. Drunk times stealin’ hats like the thug that I am.

Cathouse after the Brand New gig a couple days ago. Drunk times stealin’ hats like the thug that I am.





I want a cat or person to do that to me.

The best is the bunny flopping down in next to it’s cat buddy. Those who don’t know: That isn’t a bunny lying down to go to sleep, that’s the bunny going HEY I LOVE YOU AND REALLY TRUST YOU AND YOU’RE ACE. Buns don’t get more relaxed than that :3

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Important reminder that because virginity is a made-up construct, you are allowed to call yourself a virgin or not based on YOUR criteria for what defines virginity.  If you have only had intercourse in the form of rape, you are allowed to still call yourself a virgin.  If you have only had sex that didn’t involve P-in-V or penetration, you’re allowed to say you aren’t a virgin.  You are allowed to define what virginity means to you, whether it’s your first sexual experience with a partner, first orgasm, first romantic connection, etc.  You are allowed to treat virginity as a worthless term that doesn’t define you, or an important part of your personal identity.  Your virginity (or lack thereof) is for YOU to define.

Arya went to Polliver and knelt in his blood long enough to undo his swordbelt. Hanging beside his dagger was a slimmer blade, too long to be a dirk, too short to be a man’s sword…but it felt just right in her hand.

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